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Knowledge, attitude, and practice towards COVID-19, among an elderly population in Sri Lanka: A cross-sectional study

Monarawila S.U.B., Piyumali M.P. , Abeyrathne L.J.P , Silva J.S.D. , Ananda W.P.M. , Nayanathara R.K.A.B. , Gomes P.L.R.
Year: 2023 Volume: 04

Background: Elderly people are at high risk for adverse effects from SARS-CoV-2 infection. Therefore, to prevent and lower the fatality rate of COVID-19 among elderly people, determining the knowledge, attitude and practice of the elderly population towards COVID-19 is needed.
Objectives: This study aimed to investigate the knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP) towards COVID-19, among an elderly population in Western province, Sri Lanka.
Results: A descriptive cross-sectional study was conducted among 414 elderly persons in the Western province, Sri Lanka. Data were collected using a pre-tested, self-administered/interview-based questionnaire. SPSS version 26 was used for the analysis of the study. Among the total participants (n=414), most respondents (80.68%) had good knowledge regarding COVID-19. Most of the participants (76.81%) were in good attitude category regarding COVID-19. Regarding practices towards COVID-19, the majority of participants (87.19%) had a good practice level. Total knowledge level was significantly associated with attitude level p<0.001 and practice level p<0.001 towards COVID-19.
Conclusion: Imparting knowledge, increasing good behavioral change, and strengthening preventive practices towards COVID-19 prevention is the best solution for pandemic control.

COVID-19 , Knowledge , Attitude , Practice , Elderly population

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