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An analysis of the importance of pursuing the BA Hons (English) degree programme in Sri Lanka

Year: 2024 Volume: 04

Introduction: Second language learning has become a socially valued vital learning process since it has the influencing potential to form, manipulate and change the social individual identities towards positive recognition. In Sri Lanka, English has become the most prestigious language in society and competence in English is required as the most obligatory qualification for a person to be recognized in society. Thus, the educational process of learning English as a second language has become a highly acknowledged and vital section of the Sri Lankan educational system.

Objectives: The study aimed to analyze the impact of the BA (Hons) in English programme in facilitating individuals with a pedagogy through which they will be able to enrich their knowledge of the study of language, fields of linguistics, diverse domains of literature, philosophy and research.

Methodology: The study was conducted as secondary research and within the secondary data collection process, the information was gathered and analysed discursively based on selected secondary sources of information such as scholarly articles, books, reports etc. The theoretical perspectives and ideologies of Bonny Norton, Pierre Bourdieu, Chris Weedon, Susan M. Gass, Larry Selinker, Dudley-Evans, Maggie Jo St John etc. were applied.

Results: Literature studies are considered an integral part of the BA English curriculum since they can be considered a source which triggers social empowerment and develops critical and analytical skills of the students while enabling them to perceive the world through diverse perspectives. Computational linguistics, an emerging science in the current educational sphere, strengthens the quality of the BA Hons in English degree programme by facilitating the coordination between two disciplines, linguistics and computer science, in producing an innovative language teaching and learning platform embedded with computer applications and programs. The undergraduates who follow the BA English degree programme are expected to develop communication skills in English and other competencies which are needed for lifelong learning.

Conclusion: The Bachelor of Arts in English degree can be identified as the most productive educational programme in providing students with a greater improvement from communicative competence to mastery of English proficiency. It was observed that graduates with a BA in English are given more preference than conventional business-minded graduates since English graduates are identified as super thinkers, individuals with skills in teamwork, problem solvers with rich analytical skills and risk takers who handle challenges strategically. 

English language needs , BA(Hons) in English , Employability

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